“Elevating Education with Innovative Design” “Crafting Classrooms for Creativity and Growth” “Collaborating with educators to create learning spaces that make a difference” "Expanding our reach,
Enhancing your Experience!"
“Introducing our New Branch Office” Awfis Connaught Place,
L29 - L34, First Floor, Connaught Place,
New Delhi.


(Formerly Verdant Vista)

School buildings hold great futures within them. Visual and experiential stimuli shape the brilliant minds of students. Consistent play, learning, and interaction promote young children’s physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development.  We, The School Designs Studio a Bangalore-based architectural firm specializing in the design of educational institutions– from Pre-schools to Higher Secondary to Higher educational institutions – across mainstream and alternative curricula reforming educational institutions across the nation. 

Our approach communicates the scientifically proven belief that the surrounding environment of students shapes their minds and interactive ambiances mould their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

Educators guide our designs, making them holistic, and reflecting their culture and ethos. This results in spaces that promote a seamless connection between learning and recreation and create an engaging, exciting environment.



The early years of children involve play, interaction, imagination, and creativity. Learning happens through a variety of stimuli that kids are constantly surrounded with. Our school buildings and class designs are multi-sensorial, flexible and multipurpose, vibrant, airy, and spacious built using safe, eco-friendly materials.


Schools are increasingly committed to immersive, technology-led, standardised education with CBSE, ICSE and other curricula while ensuring academic and sports excellence for all round children development. We partner with schools for the longterm, giving shape to the founder’s vision of building a school campus that is intentionally designed, future-ready and holistic.


Non-traditional academic institutions follow a diverse set of curricula and methods founded on a wide range of philosophies. Our school design projects integrate the founder’s values, method of teaching and creativity of students using unconventional architectural and elements to stimulate intelligence and expression.



Mr. Ramesh Babu

The School Design Studio’s expertise has made it very convenient for us to entrust them with the responsibility of our school. The frequent visits to the site ensure the work is on schedule.

Mrs Vaidehi Arun

Verdant Vista fantabulously transformed our school!! And now, I believe that collaborating with architects who understand the requirements of a school is very important.

Swamiji (Suvarnashree Gurukul)

We approached ‘The School Designs Studio’ to design our school in such a way so that, it reflects the aesthetics of Gurukul merged with modernization. We are very impressed with their designing concepts because their transition is matchless.

Mrs. Shreya (Riverstone International School)

From start to finish we were delighted and impressed with every aspects of experience led by team. We are very impressed with their flawless construction coordination and keeping time and budget on a high priority.

Mr Anand

Our business relation started with one project and now we are associated together for various projects because the impression they made by their passion for designing, enthusiasm, coordination, communication and trust is incomparable.

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