Adwaith Thought Academy
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
K – 12 CBSE School
1800 students
Site Area:
5 Acres
Built-up Area:
5531 sqm
Phase 1 Completed

Adwaith Thought Academy, located in Coimbature, Tamilnadu, believes in fostering a student-centered and inclusive environment that encourages the unique strengths and curiosity of each child. The School Designs Studio has been instrumental in creating a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere for the students, starting with the renovation of the Kindergarten block. With a capacity of 250 students, the block features unique elements like a central learning street with interactive activities the promote child development and a self-expression zone for creative exploration.

The flexible and colorful classrooms providing a dynamic and supportive learning environment for all students. Additionally, the washrooms have been designed with child anthropometrics in mind, ensuring they are well-lit, ventilated, and easy to access and use.
By creating this welcoming and dynamic learning environment, The School Designs Studio succeeded in bringing the school’s unique vision to life.