The Millennium School, Bengaluru(Render) front facade


The Millennium School
Bengaluru, Karnataka.
K – 12 CBSE Curriculum
1200 students
Site Area:
1.2 Acres
Built-up Area:
5880 sqm
Phase 1 Progress

The design of the Millennium School in Bengaluru, India, is based on the philosophy of creativity and independence of mind. The school is known for its concept-based, student-centric learning approach.
The School Designs Studio’s proposed design is based on a comprehensive analysis of the site, taking into account the microsite conditions and wind direction, to create a form that enhances collaboration, student identity, and curiosity. The flowing and interconnected spaces and volumes allow flexibility and encourage an interactive environment.

The Millennium School, Bengaluru (Render) hall
The Millennium School, Bengaluru (Render) library

One of the important design features for the school is the “Open Library” concept, which allows the reading space to expand unlimitedly. This library is designed to be a small and interesting space, that encourages students to explore the world outside the classroom.
An exclusive pre-primary school block is proposed with a planning philosophy directed by considering psychological and physical needs of kindergarten children with tendencies to explore spaces with exciting avenues and colorful vistas with minimum boundaries.

  • THE MILLENNIUM SCHOOL, Bengaluru, Karnataka.
    THE MILLENNIUM SCHOOL, Bengaluru, Karnataka.