January 31, 2023

3 Things Needed To Make Your Common Spaces Interactive

Common spaces are areas that exist in almost all 21st century schools. Common spaces have never been utilized for learning but their forms differ from school to schools. Starting from hallways to stairwells, are common spaces which are built in a new and innovative manner. By ensuring new innovative activities and ideas in common spaces like hallways and corridors and schools lay new ways to encourage learning and collaboration among students.

To help you in your venture in seeking interactive common spaces, mentioned below are some elements which schools should consider while designing common spaces for students.

Modi Public School ( Designed by The School Designs Studio )

Activities: Activities help students to learn through informative learning. Each activity designed will help in learning different skills. Information and interaction should go hand in hand for the learners to learn new things so the activities must be in such a way that they are both informative and interactive for the learners at the same time. Each activity should help the children to do something, for example the activities should help in mobility of the child or it should ensure some mental advantages.

Activities designed for the children should have some informative and indirect learning method. For e.g. the web pattern activities and the wall climbing activities helps in the mobility of the child and the puzzle activities ensure the kids with some mental thinking and concentration. The shell and the sand pit activities will help the kids to understand different textures and sounds. Activities like car play will help the learners to learn about road safety and also about the general traffic rules like traffic signals. Activities like Lego boxes and Abacus will assist the kids to develop their reasoning behavior.

Activities like fine motor skills are usually designed for kids to induce the growth of both physical and cognitive senses. Activities like touching and feeling the shapes of an object will help them to identify and learn new shapes. Though it looks like a fun activity, it is one of the best ways of indirect learning.

Art Gallery: Art Gallery is related to patterns, colors and shapes which can be put in the common spaces. Schools can add different words and shapes in the hallway walls in a way it will be highlighted with the help of rays of Sun so that it will help the children to learn and will also be showcased as an innovative design. Schools can put images or diagrams which can be either related to their curriculum or subjects. A small library which includes all kinds of good comics and novels can also be added to help the learners to increase their imaginative and creative powers. A place for the learners to express their talent such as drawings or stories can also be kept for positive motivation. For learners in nursery and primary level, schools can add different kinds of shapes and colors to help them learn and improvise in their vocabulary.

Modi Public School ( Designed by The School Designs Studio )

Peer Management: Common spaces expose students to innovative thinking and ideas. A well-designed space will make students more receptive towards learning. Common spaces with good designs related to their subjects will help the learners to learn more about their subjects. Students can develop their self-confidence and persistence to thrive if they are able to come up with their own thoughts and ideas. Student-centered common spaces create close student-teacher, student-student relationships.

Schools which are designed should make sure that they are helping the learners to learn in all ways possible. Utilizing common spaces should also be a concern for the schools. Even the common spaces should help the learners to learn in one or the other way. Designing the schools including the common spaces part should be given to the architects who are specialized in school design since it directly deals with the future of the learners. We, at The School Designs Studio will try to utilize the most of the common spaces as possible while designing schools.

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